Saddle & STEM Girls Cycling Program

How it works...

The existence of a disparate ratio of girls to boys in STEM programs in Philadelphia schools is of great importance and urgency.  Exclusion of opportunities in STEM careers for young women is inevitable if they are not prepared with necessary skills.  Developing a student’s belief that engineering and technology are directly related to everyday life is important to significantly increasing girls’ interest in STEM careers.    

GCMR is raising and seeking funds for the Saddle & STEM Afterschool Bicycle Program (“S&S) and plans to engage 8-10 girls in a eight week school-year program.  Students will disassemble and reassemble bikes as they evaluate and problem-solve using principles of science, technology, engineering and math as they relate to the mechanics of cycling.  They will also have the opportunity to learn how to use cycling for fitness and fun.  Professional bicycle mechanics and program coaches will provide the girls with a safe, memorable experience.  As a bonus, students will be permitted to keep their bikes at the end of the program!  

Get Cha Mind Right is proud of this initiative and grateful for the opportunity to serve the Philadelphia and surrounding communities.

Did you know?

Negative perceptions about their math and science abilities begin at surprisingly young ages for girls. A lot of studies have shown that girls as early as age six start developing the idea that they're not inherently good at math.  For that reason, it's important to focus on fostering interests in math and sciences in girls from a young age, and to work to counter negative perceptions they might start developing.